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thegreatvine's Journal

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
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A quaint and active community where folks can question, discover, praise, and discuss Christ.
Ever find yourself pondering a scripture that you don't quite understand and you'd like to bounce it off someone but you don't know who? Ever wish you had a community where you could feel free to ask strange spiritual questions that you wouldn't want to pipe up about in church or your bible study group? Are you seeking the Truth for your life and would just like to be part of a good group of people who claim to draw their strength from this guy Jesus Christ you've heard about all your life but aren't really sure if you believe?

You are welcome here.

We're looking for a safe, enjoyable community who can also handle some heavy subjects. If you are easily offended by the Christian faith, you might re-think joining. If you have been offended by the Christian faith but think that there must be some "true" Christians left on earth that aren't hateful, dogmatic or cookie-cutter and condescending, then feel free to join us. While we accept members from all walks of life, please note that this is a decidedly Christian community. That should not ever mean that you are made to feel left out or bad for differing from that belief and behavior with such an attitude is prohibited, unacceptable and a bannable offense, no matter what beliefs are held. The subject matter of this community though is centered around Christ.

A few rules/notes:
~ Questions, praises, thoughts, prayers, prayer requests, discoveries are all welcome.
~ Questions are preferred as they gain community involvement.
~ What we don't want is one person posting bible lessons continuously.
~ Be respectful of all members and view points.
~ Do not delete comments. If you would like something to be deleted or screened, let a moderator know.
~ All entries must be locked to friends only status.