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Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
31st-Jan-2008 08:38 pm
I am a girl of the future
Do you think modernist thought and Christianity are incompatible or compatible?

Do you think postmodernistic thought and Christianity are incompatible or compatible?

Wikipedia has a good summary of Modernism. It's basically a way of looking at the world that rejects appeal to authority (Scholasticism) as a way of legitimation (that is, making sure that things are true), and embraces empirical knowledge, human reason, and an objective, universal set of values. Modernism is how we get science.

Postmodernism rejects the idea of an objective set of values, and puts more emphasis on personal preferences, needs, experiences, and values. Wikipedia has a fragmented but fairly decent overview.
1st-Feb-2008 03:12 am (UTC)
I think Christianity is compatible with many things. Modernism and postmodernism certainly have things to contribute to a deeper understanding of Christianity, but when a person is more committed to one than Christ, they cease to be compatible.
1st-Feb-2008 03:14 am (UTC)
On a personal level, I like Modernism some--I mean, Protestantism is full of repealing tradition, right? but postmodernism drives me BATTY because of all the emo-ness of it. And when I was at Harvard Div, evvvvvvvverybody was postmodern. I guess I was post-post-modern? I kept wanting to say, "You have deconstructed everything to death, we get it! Now let's BUILD something!"
1st-Feb-2008 03:19 am (UTC)
LOL. You're right. The seeds of post-post modernism done already been sown. And much of the sowing is being done by the church.
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